Welcome to the world of likeorigant

likeorigant let you be your own designer to create your personal style statement for any mood, any outfit, any occasion.

likeorigant is designed to be fun, festive and elegant. The colorful DNA of likeorigant is designed to be fun, festive and elegant and to mix and match. The line of colorful Ring , Necklace and Bracelet designs allow you to express your personality, to blend in or to stand out. So let your inner happiness glow and show. When you wear your true colors, you're not only sharing the real you, you're sharing your love. And the world needs more love. 

From the thoughts and ideas of the designer to the craftsmanship making of handmade jewelry, the vision is to create elements of beauty allowing all women to express their true colors and true personality. Set your mind free and create likeorigant opportunities with likeorigant.